About the Clinic

Geiger Voice Clinic specialises in transgender voice therapy (voice feminisation treatment and masculinisation treatment). One of our special interests in voice feminisation treatment for adolescents and performers. We also offer voice therapy for a broad spectrum of clients and cater to general voice rehabilitation.

Speech Pathology Services provided by Geiger Voice Clinic include: Transgender Voice Treatment, Pre and Post Nodular Voice Treatment, Dysphonia, Dysarthria, Neurological Voice Disorders, Post surgical vocal rehabilitation. 

Geiger Voice Clinic previously operated currently  Prahran Market Clinic a medical General Practice in the outskirts of Melbourne. Prahran Market clinic is one of the leading clinics for sexual health and gender diverse health in Victoria. We now provide extensive treatment to clients for Voice Feminisation in Australia through our online Voice Feminisation therapy program- Geiger Voice Online 

About the Speech Pathologists

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez – Chief Speech Pathologist

Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez operates the clinic and is a fully qualified Speech & Language Pathologist (MA Speech Pathology- La Trobe University) and operatic soprano (BMus Peformance, MA Music- Opera). Sarah was previously the Voice Clinic Coordinator at La Trobe University’s Communication Clinic, Melbourne, Australia’s largest specialist clinic for transgender voice training (voice feminisation treatment and voice masculinisation treatment).

Sarah is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

She is equipped to assist professional voice users in managing the demands of their careers on vocal output. She can successfully rehabilitate and optimise vocal technique in professional voice users (teachers, politicians, auctioneers etc). She is also available for consultation as a diction and vocal health specialist for singers, actors and performers. Sarah enjoys delivering creative, evidence based voice treatment to her clients. She strives to create a supportive and inspiring treatment environment.

Brooke Perrin

With a Bachelor in Health Sciences and a Masters in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University, Brooke gained invaluable training at La Trobe Communication Clinic assisting with a transgender and general voice caseload. Brooke is motivated to provide evidence based, individualised therapy, to assist her clients to achieve their ultimate vocal goals. She is a member of Speech Pathology Australia and joined Geiger Voice Clinic in 2017. Brooke provides online voice services.

All services are delivered by qualified speech pathologists. 

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